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At CBA, we are empowering the next generation of Chabad chasidim through positive and exciting Jewish experiences. With lively farbrengens, hiking around the land of Israel, back-to-basics style classes, monthly shabbatons, and a group of enthusiastic staff and shluchim; we have seen our students flourish and grow into young men who take their relationship with Hashem into their own hands. 


Our goal is to inspire all students not just the academic ones, and Israel is the perfect place for that. Visiting the places where our stories and lessons come from and seeing the lively Jewish communities is an unmatched experience for our young men. 

‘I came to CBA not knowing my place in the Jewish world…but that has changed since I joined the yeshiva. If I messed up or backslid, instead of obsessing over what I did wrong or trying to hide it in shame, I had shluchim and teachers to help me move forward and learn from it. I learned what Chabad stands for; love, support, and a helping hand to those in need without judgment.’

Yisroel Goldstein, Boca Raton (18)

Ma'ale Shazach St.

Jerusalem, Israel

+972 58-404-4283

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